Cody & Beka Burns
  • That He will prepare our hearts for the work ahead.
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of the people groups still waiting to hear His Word.
please pray:

We are preparing for a cross-cultural aviation and medical ministry. ​ .
Our long-term goal is to live in Papua New Guinea, serving on the aviation team. Our team there is working to translate the Bible and plant churches among the remote indigenous groups that do not have it in their own language.

about us:

  • For the Lord to help our team mesh, love each other and work alongside each other well
We both grew up as missionary kids. Cody grew up in Bolivia where his parents worked in the Yuqui tribe and at Tambo, the mission school. Beka grew up at a Missionary Training Center where her parents prepared missionaries to serve in unreached tribes. 

​At a young age, God challenged both of us to follow Him wherever he leads, especially concerning the many people groups around the world with little or no access to the Word of God in their own language.

We both attended New Tribes Bible Institute after High School to develop a deeper understanding of Scripture. In preparation to serve overseas, Cody then went to school for aviation maintenance and Beka pursued medical training. We got married in 2013 and lived in Sanford, FL, working to build a firm foundation for our family and saving up for missionary training. Cody worked as an aircraft mechanic at the Sanford airport and Beka worked on an ambulance and on Volusia County’s Sheriff/Aeromedical helicopter. We graduated from New Tribes Mission's Training Center for Cross-Cultural Ministry in Missouri, then Cody completed missionary flight training with Moody Aviation in Spokane while Beka worked on a critical care helicopter/fixed-wing servicing Central Washington.

We completed aviation orientation with Ethnos360 Aviation in May 2020. While we were there, we received training in aircraft maintenance, advanced mountain flying and short-field landings. We joined the Ethnos360 Aviation team in Papua New Guinea. We are temporarily on loan to the Homes of Ethnos360 here in the USA while we address our baby's medical needs.


  • For our family's adjustment to life in PNG

Romans 15:20
And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation.