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The Dance

by Beka Burns

Verse 1
 As I dance through my life, it seems I miss the music’s fun.
Always striving for destination, I want the journey done.
Frustrated when I miss a step, I know I lack perfection.
The more I watch myself, I miss my dance partner’s affection

Yeah, my dance partner’s affection.

He lifts my chin to look at him. He peers into my eyes.
His soft, sweet truth then penetrates through all the world’s vast lies.


“Where is your focus, darling daughter?”   I hear my master say.
“Still chasing man’s acceptance? Still following your own way?
Are you worried, on the dancing floor, that you can’t take the heat?
I’m leading you, look up at me, and don’t worry about your feet.
No, don’t worry about your feet.”

Verse 2
As I keep staring down he says, “Dear daughter, I’m still here.”
I missed a step, made him look bad, but he wipes away my tears
And says, “I forgive you, but don’t miss your next chance!
I love you and I chose you, dear, may I have this next dance?
Yeah, may I have this next dance?”


Verse 3
It’s funny how we see life simply following a path,
Or sitting on the sidelines, or fearing God’s great wrath.
When really as I laugh with him, as his joy fills my heart,
He grants intimacy to me and says “We never have to part.    
No, we never have to part.”


The Day That Started It All

By Beka Burns

There came a day unlike any before, the world would change,
 Something would rock it to the core.
But this great tremor came not from mighty beast or man,
But from a stable where a baby’s life began

Do you know the story behind this day? Have you heard of glory bestowing grace?
When you think of Christmas, think of more than good cheer,
For the son of God came here, to give us the way.
Oh it was the day, the day that started it all.

There came a life unlike any before, living perfection, with a purpose in store.
For mankind was judged guilty with no chance for escape,
He gave himself to take our place.



Bells, well they sound swell, and one-horse open sleighs,
But there’s something more to celebrate when it comes to Christmas day.

A Christmas gift unlike any before, it’s there for the taking, it’s an open door.
He paid the price with his death that we might truly live,
We just accept and he abundantly gives

On High

by Beka Burns

Verse 1
Calm Evening, Cool Night, nestled in the field,
The shepherds’ eyes are weary from the day.
No warning, out of nowhere, there came a blast of light,
An angel saying “Do not be afraid.”

Verse 2
“Good tidings, great joy, to all men,
For there is born to you this day
A baby, a Savior, down in Bethlehem,”
And then the sky became one bright display.

You could have stayed on high,
But you came to our night,
Came to give us light, came to give us light.

Verse 3
Sheer beauty, kingdom of angels, form of God,
You left it all because we needed You.
Cramped quarters, shared with the livestock, met with no applause,
But this is where you made your grand debut.


The shepherds came to where you lay,
Did they know then what you would do someday?
That this life you began, you’d lay down in the end,
To rescue them.

Verse 4
We sat in the darkness, shadow of death,
Hopelessly torn apart / from you,
Your blood closed the distance, into light you’ve led,
And you sealed your victory with an empty tomb.


Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plains,
And the mountains in reply echo back their joyous strains,
Gloria in excelses deo, Gloria in excelses daaaayyyyyy – (softly) oh

Luke 1:79